Vde Symposium



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Pr Dr Claude Cuvelier
President, Belgian Professional Union of Pathologists
Internet and Healthcare Challenges
Pr Daniel Désir
General Secretary, Belgian Hospital Association
Data and Network Protection
Pr Yves Roggeman
Computer Science Department, ULB
Putting your information on the net: the making of an Internet homepage, the basics
Dr Bart Lelie
Pathologist, RUG
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), Cryptography for everyone 
Dr Yves Couvreur
Pathologist, Laboratoire C.A.R.A.D.
Dossier Médical informatisé, expérience pratique 
Dr Gaëtan Delacroix
Surgeon, Ste Anne St Rémi Hospitals, Brussels
Ethical basis in Electronic Medical Communication
Dr David Simon 
Institut de Télématique et d’Informatique Médicale, SSMG
Dr Louis Corbeel
Nationale Raad van Orde der Geneesheren

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